”there is always someone worse of than you…”

2 May

Have you ever just had one of those crazy ridiculous days, where you forget to set your alarm the night before, wake up late and well the whole clockwork of your day is a mishap! And the cherry on top is a downfall of rain just as you step out of the house without your umbrella because the smiley lady on BBC News told you that it would be dry today!!!

Well I am not sure if the gods are against me having a good day, or that they just enjoy seeing miserable people, hahaha – big laughs at the expense of me! Nevertheless, the most frustrating thing, when your day, just cannot get any better, is when someone half-important tells you, ‘’ don’t worry there is always someone worse of than you’’.

Damp and cold, with a runny a nose, waking up late, forgetting half your life on the bed as you rush out of the door to make it to work on time, and you get “there is always someone worse of than you”. POWWWWWWWWW – take that! That’s a ninja karate chop on that person in my head! You know the moving picture experience that runs through your head while someone is speaking to you, you get a sudden explosion of satisfaction, ah what a great minute.

Violence aside, I agree, there are many people worse of than me, but that does not make me feel better, in fact, it makes me feel worse, so why would anyone say that. It is certainly not my fault that people are starving in Africa, it definitely is not my fault that people are dying in war in Afghanistan and Libya, and it is certainly not my fault that the Israelis & Palestine’s are killing each other and that Primark & Nike are exploiting poor children into working obscene hours in unbelievable working conditions for less than 10p a day! No none of this is my fault.

So how could “there is always someone worse of than you” be soothing. No, it is not, and no matter how many times you say it, it still does not make me feel better.  Often regardless of how bad our lives get on a day-to-day basis, we can never sit there and feel better because some one somewhere is suffering more than we are. The world is designed this way, it has been this way for many years and well I should think it would continue to remain this way. Above all its human nature to think of ourselves first, then others. Ok its animal nature too! 

So in future, do not say to someone, anyone, when they are having a bad day, “there is always someone worse of than you”. It may be true, but it is not helpful.


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